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Riedel Sommeliers Burgundy 260 Year Anniversary Set

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Riedel Sommeliers Burgundy 260 Year Anniversary Set

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In celebration of Riedel's 260th anniversary, this beautifully crafted glass comes in a set of two, making it perfect for holiday gifting. Part of Riedel's premier Sommelier's line, this glass was designed for the great red wines of Bordeaux, including those made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot grapes. It's crafted of sparkling crystal glass in a shape and size developed by the world's expert tasters.

  • This sparkling crystal glass is individually crafted by master artisans who perform every step of the glassmaking process by hand.
  • Generous bowl provides breathing space and allows the aromas to unfold.
  • Rim is precisely shaped to deliver the wine toward the front of the palate, which allows you to experience the well-balanced blend of acidity and supple tannins.
  • The customized shape also enhances your appreciation of the wine's silky texture and prolonged finish.
  • Hand made at the Riedel family's own glassworks in Austria, where artisans have been crafting exquisite glassware since 1756.
  • Set of two.