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Riedel Ayam Decanter Black

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Riedel Ayam Decanter Black

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Riedel, the 300 year-old family credited with revolutionizing glassware for the enjoyment of wine, announces the newest design in its growing line of mouth-blown decanters. The Ayam is inspired by and named after the rare breed of Indonesian hen, and makes a unique centerpiece for the table in the form of a highfunctioning wine tool. The Ayam is available in clear crystal glass, as well as two versions marked by a single stripe of white or black, appealing to different aesthetics.

Formed freely by hand without the help of any molds by Riedel master glass blowers, the Ayam decanter is extremely demanding to create, with a wide mouth for both receiving and pouring wine opening into a wider base to allow the free flow of air exchange with the wine. A tapered and curled tip adds a second level of functionality to the Ayam: the closed tail counterweighs the neck and base to allow the decanter to hang off the side of the table. True to Riedel’s guiding philosophy of form follows function, the piece therefore maximizes space while still efficiently double decanting when wine is poured into and from the decanter, greatly reducing the time needed to aerate the wine. The first Riedel decanter to balance and suspend from the table, the Ayam is an innovation and conversation piece, adding to the convivial wine experience at the table.

Item number: 2016/02
Height: 287 mm, 11-1/4"
Capacity: 1700 ccm, 60 oz