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2014 Château La Croix Pomerol

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2014 Château La Croix Pomerol

Single Bottle - Standard - 750ml


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Acquired in 1870 by the great-grandparents of Mr. FRANCISCO Jean, the current manager, the old farm extended over only 3 hectares of vineyards, 3 hectares of multiple cropping and 12 hectares of woods. Wine was made in 3 wooden vats. Fifty years later, there were 6 hectares of vineyards following the abandonment of several hectares of less-profitable multiple cropping. The fermenting cellar was made bigger and the first barrels were purchased. With half the vineyard destroyed in the frost of 1956, the farmerís (Mr. Francisco) mother replanted the frozen plots of land and purchased 3 hectares of vines on gravelly soil. famille Francisco In 1963, the first cement vats came into use. From the 1960s onwards, the area increased by successive purchases. And thus, in the year 2000 the vineyard extends over 21 hectares of vines and 12 hectares of woods, used for making fence posts (stakes). The fermenting cellar consists of cement and stainless steel vats. Its storage capacity is more than 4000 hl. The wine barrel storehouse houses 250 stave oak casks that are replaced 1/3 every year. Fining using fresh egg white is done 13 months after the harvest, at the time of the new moon.