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Riedel Glassware

Riedel has been designing & producing the highest quality glasses for the enjoyment of wine and spirits since 1756. Find your perfect Riedel glass for any occasion or event.

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  1. Riedel "O" Coca Cola Glass (Tube)

    Regular Price: HK$175.00

    Special Price HK$150.00

    In stock

  2. Riedel Swirl White Wine - Pack of 2

    Regular Price: HK$270.00

    Special Price HK$250.00

    In stock

  3. Riedel Set of 6 "O" Riesling/Zinfandel Glasses

    Regular Price: HK$810.00

    Special Price HK$595.00

    In stock

  4. Box

    Regular Price: HK$935.00

    Special Price HK$695.00

    In stock

  5. Riedel Set of 6 "O" Cabernet Glasses
  6. Riedel Set of 6 Vinum Riesling / Zinfandel Glasses

    Regular Price: HK$1,560.00

    Special Price HK$995.00

    In stock

  7. Riedel Overture Magnum Pay 6 Get 8 Gift Set
  8. Riedel Overture Pay 9 Get 12 Gift Set
  9. Riedel Sommeliers Bordeaux 260 Year Anniversary Set

    Regular Price: HK$2,050.00

    Special Price HK$1,390.00

    In stock

  10. The Big Riedel "O" Syrah

    Regular Price: HK$135.00

    Special Price HK$120.00

    In stock