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2019 Antica (Antinori) Chardonnay

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2019 Antica (Antinori) Chardonnay

Single Bottle - Standard - 750ml


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Slightly more expensive, the 2019 Chardonnay A26 is cut from the same cloth as the Mountain Select release yet offers another level of richness and depth. Lots of white peach, stone fruits, honeysuckle, white flowers, and toasted bread notes give way to a medium to full-bodied, nicely concentrated, beautifully balanced Chardonnay that has the class to drink well today yet also evolve for 5-7 years, if not longer.

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The Antinori are an ancient patrician family of Florence . Over time also had the title of marquis by the Grand Dukes Habsburg-Lorraine in the eighteenth century, while a branch Neapolitan had in the fifteenth century, the Duchy of Brindisi . For today is the tenth family business oldest in the world .The family is originally from the Sieve Valley, where he owned a few castles in the Middle Ages. With the wars between Guelphs and Ghibellines , had considerable damage in the country and decided to move to Florence where now flowed for more than a century, the most prominent families of all the agricultural countryside. The first known case of the family are in Via de 'Serragli , an entry road to be part recently in the city within the walls.In 1285 we find Philip and Clear Antinori among the subscribers to ' Arte della Seta : they were among the protagonists of the incredible success of the Florentine silk in European markets, and founded the corporate filiari of Bruges and Lyon . Between 1336 and 1340 , the most economically profitable years for the city, the Antinori had started a business company that was among the most important of Florence. The householders Lippo and Piero Antinori was the head of this enterprise that produced strong earnings and also managed to save themselves from the tragic chain of failures that led to the closure of the banks Bardi , the Peruzzi and chain of other companies. At the same time economic rise it is also evident that policy: come the public offices such as those of the prior or standard-bearer for many of its members, who have always been distinguished for the prudent conduct and good political sense. With the transition of power from the republican structure to the Grand Ducal, the family is still on good terms with all members of the ruling class, drawing benefits from good administration that sees the Antinori some of the most active promoters. In 1385 Peter John Antinori he enrolled at ' Art of Vinattieri : since then the wine production had no stop.In the fifteenth century a branch of the family, descended from Antonio di Giovanni Antinori, he moved to Naples , where he had as much luck in Florence, earning the King's esteem and getting the Duchy of Brindisi .Meanwhile in Florence the two brothers Antonio and Bernardo di Tommaso Antinori are distinguished for their political success. Nephew Bernardo, Niccolò Antinori buys in 1506 by the family Martelli the family palace , in what would later be called Piazza Antinori in their honor. The beautiful construction work of Giuliano da Majano and Baccio d'Agnolo was the seal of family reached prosperity, and is still inhabited by the Antinori.Crest Antinori, Antinori Chapel , San Gaetano (Florence) The only unfortunate episode in the family history you have with Bernardo Antinori , who in the second half of the sixteenth century had an unfortunate love affair with Dianora of Toledo, a young relative of the Grand Duchess Eleonora di Toledo , who had married her son and Cosimo I Pietro de 'Medici in 1576 . This Peter was one of the darkest characters in the entire history of the Medici family: no reporter spare us its bad reputation for violent person, corrupt and arrogant. His wife, neglected in favor of disreputable women chosen by Peter as lovers, he met the Antinori, with whom he began an affair. When fearful Peter heard about it, he decided to get rid once and for all that wife for him only obstacle to his dissolute life and cause for shame, choosing the most brutal way, that is suffocating her with his hands in the villa of Cafaggiolo . Bernardo Antinori instead was arrested on charges of conspiracy and killed in prison, while Peter was covered by the protection of the sovereign father.During the period of the government of the Habsburg-Lorraine, in the second half of the eighteenth century, they obtained the title of Marquis, becoming part of the small number of Florentine families like and received at Palazzo Pitti during the Habsburg rule of the city.Today family interests are mainly focused on wine production , which reached levels of excellence in the many farms in the area of Chianti , with red, white and vinsanti. In the family palace it is managed a popular restaurant called Cantinetta Antinori.