Wine trends

We are already near in closing the curtain for 2018. And one thing is apparent for the past months (or years!) – that everything is moving; everything is changing. Statistics show growth in both wine drinkers and interest of the newer generation about wines. Ah, what a time to be alive!


This is an expected result given that technology is ever evolving and as convenient as ever. As explained before, an infographic shared by the company GO-Globe indicates that mobile apps usage will continue to rise as its critical role continues to be highlighted. Evidently, more people are hooked into their mobiles devices checking out what’s new and hot. In addition, people rely on the information they can find online to decide which wine to drink and which one to snub.


Last year, wine lovers all over the world saw how wine producers and brands alike focused on consumer convenience. One of the biggest trends of 2018 is the introduction of canned wines in the market. At first, it was something as shocking as bringing swimwear in the office. Eventually, the audience received it well, particularly in the U.S. where it ballooned into a million-dollar business. Other developments included giving more prominence on Rosé wines as its popularity among wine drinkers also rose up.


Here are some of the trends we are looking at for the next year. Exciting times ahead!


Millennial Drinkers

Based on records, millennials drank more wines in the past years versus any other generations. In fact, in the United States, they drank nearly half of all the wines just in one year. To back this data, a study conducted by Wine Market Council on 79 million Americans ages 21 to 38, it shows an astonishing result - millennials are known to drink an average of two cases per person. To help you visualise, they drank 159.6 million cases of wines for 2015 alone.


It is definitely a fact that most wine consumers today belong in this generation.  And there is no denying that millennials will hold the future of drinking. After all, they will affect how their children and future winemakers understand wine.


Vegan Victory

The choice for a healthier lifestyle has taken new heights as winemakers are now seeing an increase in production of vegan wines. To give a more concrete idea, in the UK alone the number of vegans surged to 3.5 million this year. How is that for market share.


Surprisingly, not all wines are made to be vegan. During the winemaking process, there are different agents used to help clarify the wine before it is placed in bottles. These agents may be in form of animal-derived products such as gelatine, egg albumen, and milk protein. Good thing winemakers are now catering to the needs of all consumers – regardless of lifestyle preference.  Aside from the usual agents being used in the market, some producers are utilising fining agents made from limestone or clay.


Slushie Showdown

As per the norm, the wine industry continues on churning out novelty ways of how people will drink wine. Over the years, consumers were treated to an array of drink spectacle. From mixing different wines with tonic to drinking it from a can or better yet – wine ice creams! But ingenuity is always around the corner. What was then a Pinterest idea for do-it-yourself party drink has now become an interesting trend to watch out for next year.


Wine slushies can get disapproval from some wine enthusiasts but are expected to be part of some restaurants and bars to cater to the ever-growing market of millennials. After all, it can be a joy sipping a refreshingly cool Rosé slushie every summer.

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