It has been another exciting month. Some may say nothing new happened or a lot of unexpected things came about. But, the good news is (aside from we have more wines to enjoy!) - we get to share some of the things that made this month even more special.



A name that means both place and a drink. In the world of wine lovers, Prosecco is a household name. And this is a crowd favourite especially when it comes to celebrations. Elegantly fresh on the palate, this sparkling drink is made primarily from Glera grape (accounting for 85%, at least). Typically with flavours and aromas of pear, citrus fruits, and apple, it may come as a new knowledge that this iconic wine is not always bubbly! Those who want to taste this fine wine can have it in a semi-sparkling or still version. 


In an article from The Drinks Business, after years of discussion between winemakers, the regulatory board, and the Italian government a new sparkling wine made its debut announcement. The introduction of another Prosecco we will all love to try out: Pink Prosecco! 


Definitely another reason to have Prosecco in our favourite list.


If you want to try out this wine, you can choose from our available Prosecco such as N.V. Villalta Prosecco Vino Spumante Extra Dry DOC - 12 Pack [BUY NOW], Aperol 1 Litre Bottle With Case Of 6 Prosecco Deal [BUY NOW], or 2017 Col De Salici Prosecco Di Valdobbiadene Spumante Extra Dry - 3L [BUY NOW].



When it comes to wine pairing, cheese would always be on the list. And for a great reason. The combination of wine and cheese offers gastronomic satisfaction. One may ask, but why?


One of the theories is that certain foods pair well because of what is called an ‘astringent food’. So one of the foods which is high in fatty content is paired with a food that is ‘astringent’ that creates a balanced ‘mouthfeel’. How does this work? Put simply, dishes that are oily or with a significant amount of fat content - in this case, cheese -  gives a slick feeling to the mouth. To counter this, chemical compounds found in ‘astringent’ food, such as tannins found in wine, make the mouth feel dry.


Amazing right! So we’re sharing with you some of the wine pairings you can enjoy.


Brie + N.V. Louis Roederer Champagne Brut Premier [BUY NOW]

Beautifully composed reduction across lemon citrus, white peach, cherries and deeper, more savory notes of spice and grilled nuts; fresh and complex at once. The palate's assertively flavored, yet runs on a smooth and fine textural thread. Acidity is paramount, redder fruits hold court here. Great balance and depth. Drink now. - 92 points, JS.


Edam + 2018 Casarena Malbec Jamilla's Vineyard [BUY NOW]

Produced with fruit from their Perdriel estate, the 2018 Malbec Jamilla's Vineyard from the single-vineyard range felt like a step up over the 2016 I tasted in my previous article on Argentina. It's relatively low in alcohol (13.5%) and has good freshness and integration of the oak, despite the barrels being 100% new. 2018 was a classical Mendoza year, dry and warm, and delivered a healthy crop. This vineyard is very balanced, and it shows in the wine. - 91 points, RP.


So there you have it! Stay tuned for our next set of favourite things.