Wente Wines


A reputation built on the endless pursuit of quality and excellence. A legacy built by generations of a family whose ambition is propelled by their love of what they do – to produce great Californian Chardonnay.


The Wente Vineyards have been one of the recognised winemakers in the concluded International Chardonnay Symposium. The 3-day event, which was sponsored by The Tasting Panel Magazine, included an intimate dinner where Chardonnay makers showcased their select wines. The banquet was called La Paulée Dinner & Vintner’s Award Ceremony -- a sophisticated dinner attended by wine critics, sommeliers, enthusiasts, and consumers alike. It is during this occasion that the Wente Vineyards received another milestone.


Legendary Family of Chardonnay


The long-standing tradition of the Wente family, which started in the 18th century, is a testament that with the perfect drive, dedication, and passion one can expand and thrive for 133 years. These very same principles were acknowledged as the family was awarded the inaugural ‘Legendary Family of Chardonnay’ Award.


This is not just a celebration of whose wine is the best. The award is a way to honour wineries that has the greatest impact on the production of Chardonnay. Two generations of the Wente family were present to accept the award, winegrower Eric Wente and winemaker Karl Wente. With their victory, the vineyard has shown how resilient and innovative they are to position themselves as one of the most successful winemakers. As the ‘Legendary Family of Chardonnay’, Wente Vineyards have proven that their efforts have propagated and promoted Chardonnay on a global scale.


Aside from making excellent Chardonnay, Wente Vineyards makes sure that their process is formed through centuries of stewardship for the land through their program ‘Farming for the Future’. It’s a system of standard practices which builds a balanced, sustainable ecology; at the same time improve the soil’s vitality, and reduce both the use of water and non-organic waste.


The Wente Vineyards, geared towards the lifelong commitment to quality and excellence.


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