Drinking has always been a part of human society. It may be a simple bottle of drink at first glance, but alcoholic drinks hold such a colourful and rich provenance. From the ancient period to the time where people began to focus on building their civilisation and setting up their society, alcohol has been a part of our lives. 


Eventually, it is just natural that this precious liquid will also evolve to adapt to the modernities in life. As people learn more about drinking, the options to how we enjoy each glass (or bottle) become endless. Of course, the main facet of drinking will always be there - to have fun and enjoy!


Change is inevitable. It is why we were able to outlive our ancestors. Same with how we progress, wine has long transformed to cater to the ever-growing appreciation of oenophiles. We now have wines aged in different ways or wines made from different variants. And one of these developments is the non-alcoholic wines. 


The creation of non-alcoholic wines, according to some documents, was attributed to Thomas Bramwell Welch - whose idea was to use this specially crafted beverage for church services. Nowadays, the continued production of non-alcoholic wines has more than one purpose:  those who prefer to have low ABV for their drinks, expectant mothers, those who are health-conscious or simply want to drink without worry. 


Everybody can now enjoy drinking!


The Guilt-free Fun Side of Sparkling Bubbles 


Focusing on a more fun experience and the quest to let everyone enjoy a healthier glass of wine, the founders of VINADA®  finally present the world’s favourite bubbles!


By breaking the norm of crafting sparkling wines, the brand has started another movement in the wine drinking industry. Using a process called 'dealcoholization', each bottle of wine contains all the original amount of flavour, aroma, and bubbles.


Passion, dedication, and high regard for craftsmanship have made it possible for VINADA® to bring a selection of sparkling wines that anyone can just drink away! Dare to be different with the best sparkling alternative perfect for any occasion. The brand promises to deliver a whole level of fun and experience by guaranteeing balanced flavour and superior quality in every bottle.


We dare you. Shake up your wine plans with a bottle of VINADA®! 


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Make it Malbec


Every April we celebrate this beautiful wine whose history began in Argentina: Malbec. 


Malbec World Day is held every April 17th, further cementing an important history of the Argentinian wine industry. From the moment the vines were brought to Argentina in 1853 until this day, this deep purple coloured wine has gained fame for its characteristics - smooth and full of dark fruity flavours!


To be honest, don’t wait every April 17th to enjoy this wine. We’ve already hand-picked some of our Malbec selections to get you started.


2018 Trapiche Malbec Broquel |BUY NOW

Serious blackberry and blueberry aromas with hints of dried flowers, such as violets. Full-bodied, tight and focused with bright acidity and firm, silky tannins. No hardness. All polish. Drink now.


2017 Trapiche Single Vineyard Malbec Ambrosia | BUY NOW

The purity of malbec in this is captivating with aromas and flavors of crushed raspberries and cherries that deliver an energetic, vivid palate with fine tannins and a fruity finish. Yet, it’s always in focus. Drinkable now, but better in 2022.


2019 Casarena Malbec 505 | BUY NOW

Most of the grapes come from Agrelo, from plots with more fruit and less tannic structure, plots with higher yields that deliver this juicy and drinkable Malbec, which is varietal and tender, young, fruity and pleasant. 70,000 bottles.