Earth Hour




As far as we have lived, this beautiful planet has been our home. And this majestic place is where we make memories and relationships with others (your cute puppy included!).


In reality, Earth is just a speck in the vast universe. However, this place breathes life into each of us by sustaining our daily needs and nourishing our body with oxygen, food, and clear water. 


Because of this and many other reasons for how rich and magnificent the planet is, we humans have been in the wrong notion. We have been taking for granted the natural resources of Earth, such as the green grass that covers the fields, the crystal clear waters full of marine life, or simply the fresh air that we inhale.


We think Earth’s bounty is infinite.


That was never the case. 


We think that the planet can heal itself naturally and that we do not need to do anything. But the daily abuse from modern life and ignorant actions eventually lead to the destruction of the many treasures we have. The land has been buried under mountains of trash. Our once pristine oceans are now filled with oil and dirt. Everything changed for the worse. 


The Call for Change


However, humanity still has hope. People started making solutions to remedy what has been done to the planet. We are welcoming a more proactive stance from individuals to companies in order to help the planet heal faster. 


One of the biggest events celebrated across the world is Earth Hour. While it is now a well-known occasion, its grassroots beginnings will lead us to the initiative that Earth needs us now more than ever. 


From a simple premise of switching lights off for an hour every last Saturday of March, it has led to a movement loud enough to be heard by the government and nation’s leaders. 


In one of the online campaigns of Google, the tech giant has changed its homepage black in support of the movement. While iconic landmarks such as the Pyramids of Giza have also shown support for Earth Hour. And eventually, more companies and countries have collaborated in taking part in the change we all deserve.  


To commemorate Earth Hour this year, we have curated select wines that have met the standards to be certified sustainable based on the producing region’s protocols. 


Across the world, winemaking regions have been fervently finding ways on how to create quality wines that are sustainable. With this pursuit, the wine industry aims to perfect the process that will allow them to be more environmentally-friendly, from the moment the vines are grown to how they are harvested. Not only that being certified sustainable will mean that there is an initiative for a more socially responsible approach to crafting high-quality bottles of that fine wine. 


Check out some of the wines we have picked!


2016 Tenuta Tascante Contrada Rampante | BUY NOW

“Dried walnuts, hazelnuts, dried herbs, strawberries, red licorice and watermelon. Tangy and pretty on the medium-bodied palate, which is subtle in its delivery of orange-zest and lime undertones. Drink now.”


2016 Tenuta Tascante Contrada Sciaranuova V.V. | BUY NOW

"A fresh, very elegant, light-colored red showing sliced lemons and plums with hints of cedar and dusty earth on the nose. Light body, fine tannins and a fresh finish. Yet, a density and old-vine nature to the wine. Contrastive. Drink now."


2018 Shaw And Smith Chardonnay Lenswood Vineyard | BUY NOW

"This single-vineyard bottling, from a super cool site, has a very tight-wound feel. The nose is really wound into reductive territory with flinty grapefruit and nectarine aromas, layered with almonds and oak spice. The palate has a very sleek, elegant feel and runs so, so long with such fresh white peaches and pithy lemons. Spiced-almond finish. Superb chardonnay here. Drink or hold. Screw cap."


2019 Shaw And Smith Chardonnay M3 Vineyard | BUY NOW

"This is a very concentrated, complex and refined chardonnay that locks in on very intense white peaches, lemons and grapefruit, framed in a wealth of fresh, spicy, young French oak, as well as flinty elements. The palate has mouthwateringly fresh acidity, powering fresh lemon and peach flavors into a long, tautly wound finish. Drink or hold. Screw cap."


2017 Miguel Torres Sauvignon Blanc Cordillera | BUY NOW

"Generous and aromatic sauvignon blanc with plenty of gooseberries and some both fresh and candied citrus fruit. Bold palate with some tannins and a slightly tart, dry finish. Screw cap."


2013 Miguel Torres Cabernet Sauvignon Manso De Velasco | BUY NOW

"The classical Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 Manso de Velasco is produced with grapes from a cool vintage. It's spicy and turns meatier with time, with integrated oak aromas and moderate alcohol. There are notes of cedar wood and graphite. They are evolving towards the style of the wines from yesterday, with less alcohol—hence harvesting earlier—even if the grape provides for powerful wines (the vines are old and produce naturally concentrated wine). This has good drinkability and typicity. A textbook Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon. 58,822 bottles produced."


2017 Escarpment Pinot Noir | BUY NOW

"Fragrant and robust, this red combines power and finesse, with an overwhelming amount of detail. Flavors of black pepper, mahogany, hops, sandalwood, blackberry and plum are joined by accents of Earl Grey tea, cedar and baking spices. The tannins have plenty of muscle, but there's an amazing sense of harmony and polish on the long, intricate finish. Drink now through 2033. 250 cases made, 50 cases imported."


2018 Marimar Estate (Marimar Torres) Chardonnay La Masia Don Miguel Vineyard | BUY NOW

"The 2018 Chardonnay La Masía Don Miguel Vineyard has a spicy nose of white pepper and honeysuckle with a core of peachy fruit. Medium-bodied, it has buttery fruits in the mouth with good freshness and a peachy finish. 2,844 cases produced."


2017 Journey's End Chardonnay | BUY NOW

"Mangoes, pineapples, peach pit and dried blossoms. Full body, lots of tropical fruit, pretty acidity and a fruity finish. Drink now. Screw cap."


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