Trends 2020

It’s the end of the year and, albeit, it was hard to imagine how the months flew by with the new normal setting. Still, it's good to be grateful that there is a chance to look back on some trends that were predicted or shared during the earlier months of this year.


Of course, there have been changes to these forecasts since the world faced new challenges along the way. And not just that, the effects of the shift were so fast that January and February (months when the old normal was mostly in effect) seemed like ages ago, as people started focusing and adjusting on the new normal for the remaining months.


There were many predictions along the way, and it’s good to note that the details presented here may be a result of a study when the world was still in the old normal or while we are transitioning to the new normal (around the second to the third quarter of the year). 


Now, why is there any reason for this? Well, as we bid adieu to 2020, it’s sort of nice to ponder on other things aside from what is usually in the news. And it’s always a learning experience to be able to recall what was shared and thus utilise it to the next coming months.


The Predictions

The latest report indicated that overall wine consumption was faced with a substantial decline this year. However, there is still a part of the trend that showed hope. Due to the demands and changes because of implemented health protocols, buying wines have become more convenient and accessible. This can be attributed to the ever-increasing e-commerce or online shopping; adding in that consumers are more discerning about their wine preferences and younger. 


Speaking of younger.


In the broadest sense, one of the reports on global trends is how the new breed of wine consumers are changing the landscape of wine drinking. Based on the released articles online, gender preferences and geography both play a vital role. In addition to it was that the ever-growing millennial oenophiles are altering the old consumption habits that are known in the industry - by spending more value on a single bottle compared to the more experienced wine drinkers.


When it comes to market reach, the prediction is that China will see full recovery by next year thus joining the US in continuing to leverage the volume of wine consumption. This is anchoring on the idea that e-commerce or online retail business will continue to flourish. Though on the economics side, it is said that overall consumers will take a long time to adjust in order to gain back the confidence in their purchasing power and decision-making.


However, there are still other trends that show promise on the side of winemakers and vineyard owners. 


As said on the reports, the effect of quarantine may have halted the progress of introducing the CBD revolution in wines and spirits. This is a trend that is so contemporary that it needs to be reviewed again next year to see how it will fare. The very existence of this idea brings about an array of considerations to take in. Will this be an open idea that all vineyards will embrace? Is this the solution for those looking at a healthier wine option? The questions are endless.


On the other hand, this may be one of the exciting trends for people who love aesthetically pleasing and functional designs. The year started out with a prediction that proprietors,  winemakers, or those involved with the packaging industry, will shift into a more sustainable way of bottling wines. And not only that, it is predicted that brand owners will focus on creating more labels that are visually appealing to consumers.


So, from a personal perspective, are the things shared here still spot on? While thinking of an answer to that question (2020 has been a looong year to really muse about), perhaps a bottle of any of these lovely sparkling wines would help do the trick!


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