We always seek to give unparalleled services to our fellow wine lovers. As such, we always take into consideration in providing you products worthy of your cellars or something essential as part of your daily wine habit. And now, one of our latest product arrivals is a truly impressive device that every wine lover or collector must have!


‘The Durand’ [BUY NOW] is a perfect corkscrew opener for vintage wines with fragile or old wine corks. This fully patented two-part device allows you to remove the cork whole and contained.


So how come this seemingly normal-looking corkscrew is one of the most sought-after vintage wine openers especially for old vintages? Let us start with the basics.


The Durand, designed by Atlanta wine collector Mark Taylor, is a fusion of two classic cork openers. The first part is the ‘waiter’s friend’ and then the second part is the ‘butler’s thief’ or what people know as ‘Ah-so’.


A quick background for those new to the wine industry or just starting to enjoy wines. Waiter’s corkscrews are small wine openers that usually fits into the pocket. It is one of the standard tools used anywhere by sommeliers, critics, or oenophiles. This wine opener comes in various designs ranging from the simple to the bespoke customized ones. 


On the other hand, the Ah-so or what is usually called as ‘butler’s thief’ has a unique backstory to it. Designed in Germany, is an ergonomic two-prong bottle opener used to open old wines – with style. It was named Ah-so as a sort of wordplay on the reaction of people when they first see this cork puller and eventually learn how to use it. The reaction? It is said people would normally react with this statement: “Ah, so that is what the item is for!” or perhaps this one, “Ah, so that’s how it works!”. The term, ‘butler’s thief’ was coined as butlers would usually open the wine first to check out its quality (smell, colour, texture, and taste among others) before it is served to the guests. It can also be used in changing corks.


These two classics used together is a symbol of ingenuity. In addition, another thing that is worth mentioning about ‘The Durand’ [BUY NOW] is that it is an eponym of a world-class sommelier – Yves Durand.


Corks are an indisputable part of wine-making. Unopened wines can still mature and changed its characteristics while the cork remains intact inside the bottle. And for those serious oenophiles, one understands how frustrating it is not to let the cork mix or fall into the wine. Especially for old vintages, the anxiety level increases as one starts to pull out the cork. The last thing a wine lover would want is to sully that precious bottle of old wine.


This is a perfect tool to have as part of your collection. If you are still not sold on the idea here are some of the reviews of wine critics, sommeliers, and wine lovers:

“The Durand brings together elements of the traditional corkscrew and the Ah-so. It is an absolute essential for anyone who enjoys opening and drinking older wines. The Durand is simply a must-have” -  Antonio Galloni (Vinous 2013 Holiday Gift Guide)


“We tried out the Durand on a bottle of 1971 Camus Mazoyeres Chambertin last night. The wine was excellent, with amazingly intense and elegant sweet fruit and plenty of complexity and length. What would be of more interest to you though is that without the Durand, I would have spent about 15 minutes mucking around with the somewhat moist and crumbly cork, first trying to get it out then trying to filter out all the bits left behind. With the Durand, I fished out the cork in one smooth twist and pull, holding onto the fragile cork at the same time and not one bit of cork was left in the neck of the bottle or in the wine itself. What an amazing tool!” - Glenn Tong (Ph.D., FAICD Director and Principal BiotechSmarts Consulting)


“The Durand is a Michigan railroad history museum, a line of demarcation in Afghanistan, and a newly patented device that is amazingly effective in removing older and fragile wine bottle corks whole and undamaged. Designed by a prominent wine collector, and named after world-renowned Sommelier Yves Durand, it has been ‘repeatedly tested on the most challenging corks’…” - Jim Rink (AWS Wine Journal)


To see how it works, watch the video courtesy of The Durand’s official website.



As Yves Durand – world-renowned sommelier and is where the product is named after – said in one of his “… I believe any serious oenophile should own a Durand”. Visit our Buy Now store and order yours now!