Australian Pinot Noir with Shaw + Smith


Australia’s wine history can be traced back to the age where trading goods were the means to transact merchandise and expand the scope of one’s commerce. Unlike its Western counterparts, there were no known native grapes in the region that can be used for wine-making, hence vine importation from other countries was the solution they used. What started as a small step -  bringing cuttings aboard a ship in 1788 - has now magnified into hectares of Australian wineries.


Over the years, the ardent passion in developing their wines has garnered Australia to be recognised in the industry. In fact, with the steady growth of the wines produced, Australian wines have been a constant favourite as an export item to European territories, notably in the United Kingdom. One of the reasons for this progressive shift towards being one of the revered wine-making countries is because of the abundance of varied soil types and differences in the climate per location allowing them to create major wine types.


Much of the wine reputation of Australia is built around Shiraz. Shiraz is another word used to refer to Syrah. It can’t be denied that an extensive marketing effort was directed into this variety which did not disappoint. It remarkably surged Shiraz into the tables and palates of wine enthusiasts around the globe. However, this does not mean that this is what Australian wine is all about. In fact, like in other grape-growing countries known for its diverse wine selection, there are also other different grapes being grown in the cooler parts of the region. Among the varietals include Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Riesling, Semillon, and Chardonnay.


Among the many grape varieties currently available to the country, there is one that is now taking hold of the attention of famous wine critics: the Pinot Noir.


In its early years, Pinot Noir was a minority occupying only less than 40 hectares. Today, it is one of the favoured varietals from the Land Down Under. It is now a crucial key in the metamorphosis of how people perceive Australian Wines, especially in the territory of Adelaide Hills.


As Pinot Noir becomes the star in the cool-climate region, it becomes no surprise that the rare find is now even becoming a prized collection. This Adelaide Hills wine variety is even gaining an outstanding remark and praise from wine critics. One of the Pinot Noir wines listed is the 2015 Shaw + Smith Pinot Noir Adelaide Hills.


Everything in Shaw + Smith is all about refined and exciting wines. Indeed, with a straightforward vision for their wines – to make Adelaide Hills wines rank among the best in Australia, their 2015 Shaw + Smith Pinot Noir Adelaide Hills is now on another level.


In the September Issue of Asia Tatler, James Suckling revealed the top Australian Pinot Noir that has Vienna and Paris craving for more. Among those wines is the 2015 Shaw + Smith Pinot Noir Adelaide Hills with 96 points:


“Cherry, spiced strawberry, pastry- like and biscuity savoury notes, gently meaty and peppery. Complex yet shows purity of fruit clearly. Blue fruit as well as rose-like perfume. Subtle oak. Tannins are fine and even. A long finish. Best pinot to date. Drink now or hold for six years or more.”


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