There’s not such as thing as too much Pinot Noir.


Coming from a long-standing history for more than a 100 years, the story of this winery began in 1906. A man named Cesaré Mondavi braved the odds and travelled from Italy all the way to a place that will become a land of his family's legacy - the United States.


Bringing with him the fervour of grape-growing in a foreign land, and despite a number of hardships along the way, it paved the way into establishing a number of distinct and famed wineries. From their very first winery to the recent ones, one can say that their wines are as flourishing as their legacy. Like raindrops that bless the terroirs with its bounty, the latest winery founded by the 4th generation family has been giving astounding vintages year after year with each bottle they produce.


Established in 2013 by the 4th generation vintners, Carlo and Dante, RAEN wines gives a whole new meaning to loving Pinot Noir. It is a manifestation of their philosophy, mantra, their creed, and ultimately - a realisation towards their dream of how a fine wine should look, taste, and feel.


It is true that the passion is the driving force of the winery, but more than that, it is powered by the faculty of modern research. RAEN is actually an acronym which means 'Research in Agriculture and Enology Naturally'. And since they started, the winery only produces limited quantities of each vintage, making their wines extremely special. Perhaps it’s for quality control. Well, whatever the true logic behind this production process, it certainly is a wine worthy of your cellar.


In introducing their 2014 wines, wine critic Antonio Galloni only expressed high praises with this statement, “These three Pinots from Raen, Carlo and Dante Mondavi’s Sonoma Coast Project, are superb. Frankly, I had a hard time moving on from these wines as they were so deeply impressive from the moment I first tasted them.”


Doesn’t it make you wonder how each wine truly tastes? Here are the tasting notes for Raen’s 2014 Pinot Noirs, from the aroma to its texture:


2014 Raen Winery Pinot Noir Royal St. Robert

“The 2014 Pinot Noir Royal St. Robert Cuvée (Sonoma Coast) is fabulous. Bright, focused and nuanced, the 2014 offers striking purity and exceptional overall balance. Dark red and purplish berries, mint, lavender, sage, licorice and white flowers are all super-expressive today. The St. Robert Cuvée is the most lifted and airy of the Raen Pinots. The lifted, gracious style is hugely appealing.”


2014 Raen Winery Pinot Noir Fort Ross – Seaview

“Raen’s Pinot Noir Home Field Vineyard (Fort Ross Seaview) is dark, powerful and brooding, with a tightly wound core of fruit that is going to need a good bit of time to fully unwind. Graphite, smoke, plum, blueberry and earthy notes give the 2014 its sense of gravitas. The Home Field Vineyard is the most virile and brooding of the three Raen Pinots.”


2014 Raen Wineary Pinot Noir Freestone Occidental Bodega

The 2014 Pinot Noir Bodega Vineyard is all finesse. Initially a bit reticent, the 2014 offers up a compelling mélange of dark red stone fruits, hard candy, mint, pomegranate and rose petal. Tension, energy and focus are the signatures. Despite its considerable depth and intensity, the 2014 is never heavy. If anything, the 2014 is a bit linear and in need of further bottle age. Even so, it is absolutely Stellar”


A true joy for oenophiles all over the world. Have a taste of RAEN’s vintages with our available wines here.