Dry Jan 

We finally welcomed the new year. So how was your January, so far? Did you also get countless greetings and well-wishes on Facebook, Instagram and more during the first few weeks of January? Were there several all-out parties at every corner and block – with everyone wishing each other the best of the new year? Were you able to witness a fantastic display of fireworks that beautifully lighted the dark skies? Or did you spent it surrounded by loved ones? If you answered yes to any of it, then safe to say you had a wonderful first day of the year!


Once the new year began, people definitely looked forward to something breath-taking; be it a new country to visit or a new wine to drink. There is this overwhelming sense of eagerness to begin this new chapter of one’s life.


Then we have the new year traditions that start, well, every January.


If there is a certain practice observed every new year, then it would definitely be making annual resolutions. The statistics may differ per place, but one thing is for sure: people love making changes at the start of the year. We want to feel that all the past negative actions are gone. And that with this clean slate, resolutions are a sort of tangible manifestos to that positive outlook.


This is a natural phenomenon that happens every year. People look for exciting tasks that can really stretch one’s determination or just set a new goal to be included in the bucket list. After all, who wants to do a boring challenge that can be done in one sitting?


A Wine Lover’s Goal


New year’s resolution can be pretty exciting. There is even somehow a trend for these resolutions. People who love going to the gym has their own ‘make-your-own-lunch’ challenge. Those who detest reading books will try to read even a small pocketbook. And those who can’t resist splurging will make a ‘No Spending’ dare for the year.


The same goes for oenophiles. The world of wine is growing more and more dynamic (and so are the wines to explore!).


From our viewpoint, this should pose as a great motivator to actually try out something. For example, improve one’s knowledge of how to do a proper wine tasting. Learn how to differentiate wines based on the region. Or perhaps explore the vineyards of your favourite wine (Portugal, anyone?).


Dry + January = Drynuary!


Should these goals look daunting, one can definitely start with something smaller. If you haven’t heard about Dry January, then here are some quick facts. Dry January or Drynuary (a term coined by John Ore) for others, is the practice of abstaining from drinking for one month. Although the effort to be slightly sober for the whole month of January is also considered as doing the Dry January.


For an amusing alternative to the Dry January practice: limit yourself to drinking dry wines only for the whole month!


What are dry wines? These wines are defined by the absence of residual sugar. To explain, during the fermentation process winemakers can allow the yeast to fully convert the natural sugar present in grapes into alcohol, thus making the wine dry.


Up for the challenge? Here are some dry wines to get you started!


2016 Te Mania Sauvignon Blanc [BUY NOW]

Preserving an evenly balanced, fresh, and vibrant Sauvignon in each bottle, the 2016 Te Mania Sauvignon Blanc is delight for all. The zingy taste gives off an appealing purity with mouth-filling gooseberry, passionfruit, and citrus flavours.”


2016 Louis Latour Chablis [BUY NOW]

“Aged perfectly, this wine offers a lively and clean surprise to anyone drinking it. With its golden colour bottled inside a bottle reflecting colour of a lush pasture, expect a zesty notes and crisp finish. Be treated to an aromatic journey as this perfumed wine includes floral aromas.”


2014 Domaine Bachelet-Monnot Bourgogne Blanc [BUY NOW]

“Showing modesty in its characteristics, this is one of the best wine you can get in its category. Capturing vibrancy and freshness with each drink, this wine gives off a refined finish. Inhale aromas of lime with citrus peels.”


2014 Domaine Bachelet-Monnot Saint-Aubin 1er Cru En Remilly [BUY NOW]

“An utterly delectable wine to drink that reflects it rich terroir. Each bottle treats you a taste of refined bouquet. Tensile from the moment the liquid hits your palate, it ends with brilliant tension and nervosité. From start to finish, this drink is one of the best from Domaine Bachelet-Monnot.”