Prolific food writer M.F.K. Fisher once said that, “Wine and cheese are ageless companions, like aspirin and aches, or June and moon, or good people and noble ventures”. And we raise our champagne classes in appreciation to such a universal truth.  


If cheese and wine are inseparable, then gourmet cuisines paired with wine is a classic embodiment of a gastronomic meal. There are a lot of pairings you can actually choose from the adventurous to the normal comfort food selection. We can’t thank enough that the list is endless.


Definitely as a starting point you can always go by the basic such as sweet whites go well with cured meat, soft or hard cheese, and sweets. Light red would be perfect together with rich fish or roasted vegetables. Dessert wines are great for dark chocolate or bread. Sparkling wines tastes fantastic with vegetables, fish, and cheese.


Such is bliss, knowing that there are several ways you can enjoy your wine. With this in mind, the next logical thing to do is to always make sure food is delectable.


Recently opening its door and kitchen, Mr. Wolf offers a fresh respite in the bustling Central, Hong Kong. Located on the 5th floor of Crawford House, this full-service al fresco inspired dining space boasts of fusion cooking techniques ranging from the unpretentious to new marvels.


Spacious with ample use of greenery, wooden accents, and lighting design, it seems that you have been transported in a swank suburban location outside Hong Kong. Chic, inviting, and refreshing.


With such promising consideration given to its architecture, it is no wonder that the same thing can be expected with its menu. Headed by chef Jamie Draper, who just underwent a 5-year training with renowned chefs Albert Roux and son Michel Roux Junior. Chef Jamie is certainly shaking things up with his fair for Asian cuisines and continental European delicacies.


Expect an almost complete package with Mr. Wolf’s array of food offerings. For starter one can choose from cauliflower soup, welsh rarebit crouton or braised Chinese mushrooms, dried oyster and kalian. Mains include grilled sole grenobloise and roast pork belly, English mustard mash, black pudding crumble. Mr. Wolf also has a whole list of breakfast items to satisfy your morning cravings. Avocado on bread, anyone? Don’t also forget their Big Bad Wolf breakfast! The meat dishes are the crowd favourite like the crackling pork belly.


You might also consider that each serving at Mr. Wolf is enough to fill two hungry bellies! With that said, take time to enjoy each meal one at a time. Their generous portions are a great excuse to bring a friend with you.


The service itself is commendable with their staff even keen to share with you wine pairing suggestions.


Overall, Mr. Wolf is a place to be for all your wine and food cravings. What’s best is Bidvino is giving you HK$200 voucher to be used on your next visit. Yes, you heard it right. FREE HK$200 Mr. Wolf vouchers from us!


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