It is an exciting year for Mount Mary [BUY NOW]. Named as Winery of the Year and getting your latest release receive accolades from critics, this is really the best way to say hello to the new year!


The winery, established by John and Marli Middleton, is situated in a breath-taking south-eastern Australian setting. Its basic tenets were inspired by the Bordeaux and Burgundy wine producers in France, as climate and terroir between the two places are similar. In addition to this, it can also be inferred that being family-owned for the past generations have helped foster a solid tradition and winemaking method for this vineyard in Yarra Valley.


Currently managed by David Middleton and his children, the winery is still much what is it all about since its inception – wonderful terroir and stunning wines as one of the pillars of what their family is all about. But as with other great wineries, progress is inevitable. After all, there is nothing constant but change. And this is precisely what is happening at Mount Mary winery. 


As Sam Middleton, third-generation Middleton and is the current Senior winemaker, shared about his belief in accepting these changes: “I'm so focused on constantly improving what we do here that I try not to get stuck on the past, … We know what we do well, and we're committed to our original varieties. But we also know the climate is changing and we're thinking about future generations. In 40 or 50 years’ time, what else will grow well here?


Some of the changes? Mount Mary land ownership significantly expanded in just a few years. More grape variations are included in their vineyard such as shiraz, marsanne, cinsault, Grenache, roussane, and mourvèdre.


All these changes resulted to more positive growth for the winery. As evident in the past years (notably 2017), they have been reaping recognition for all the love and hard work the family has put into each of their product.

The Milestones

Yarra Valley is a hotpot of great Australian wineries. It is where founders of great brands started to craft their own wines using French counterparts as the benchmarks. To date, one of those wineries that is still well-received and known is Mount Mary. Its legacy shone brighter as this family-owned winery was bestowed 2018 winery of the year at the James Halliday Wine Companion awards event.


As Sam Middleton expressed, “My grandfather believed that the Yarra was more suited to smaller boutique, high-quality makers better than bigger producers.” Adding, “It’s harder for smaller producers to stay current, but 45 years later this award is an indication of what we can achieve.” Aside from this award, there were three other major awards that the Yarra Valley took home.


The most prolific authority of Australian wines – James Halliday – gave Mount Mary the honour it deserves. There is no denying how these specially crafted batches of wines superbly translates the beauty of the terroir.  And there is absolutely no doubt about the promising cellaring and ageing capacity of these wines.


As a testament to this stellar craftsmanship, Mount Mary 2015 vintage [BUY NOW] has been praised as well with James Halliday saying, “The 2015 vintage in the Yarra Valley was, quite simply, great, and Sam took full advantage of it, making exquisite wines.”


The 2015 Vintage


Hand-made and bottled at their winery, each Mount Mary reflects elegance and distinction. And 2015 is no different.


2015 Mount Mary Triolet [BUY NOW] also available in screwcap [BUY NOW]

"65% sauvignon blanc, 21% semillon, 14% muscadelle, fermented separately in used oak, matured for 11 months with lees stirring. This is an uncommonly rich Triolet at this early stage, but that is all to the good, for it will mature majestically as all the vintages that preceded it have done" James Halliday, Wine Companion


2015 Mount Mary Chardonnay [BUY NOW] also available in screwcap [BUY NOW]

"What a wine! Textbook Yarra Valley Chardonnay here. Nectarine, struck match, almond meal, fennel and white flowers with a grapefruity zing. Flinty, fine-boned, yet flavoursome and pow pow powerful, juicy feel, then surges and pulls tight on a super long stony finish, with lime and vanilla in the aftertaste. Just so bloody good." Gary Walsh, The Wine Front