The 5-Star Streak of Mitolo


In the academic industry within the realms of active and bright-eyed youngsters (a.k.a school children), a 5-star merit meant you bested others in your performance. It is a proof of excellent participation and that you are on top of your game. But before you get the wrong idea, this is just to a colloquial example of a true event worthy to be shared to all wine enthusiasts.


There is a myriad of available wines being produced every year. That means each year you’ll be surrounded by either bad, mediocre, or amazing wines. Of course, as exciting it is to taste the unfamiliar flavour, it would be a waste if you will not be able to immediately savour the best ones. Luckily, we’re here to share with you what wines you should look forward.


5 Star Red Winery


The witty wine critic James Halliday gave another spectacular tasting review for Mitolo. There is simply no stopping the winery from having this distinction. In the recently released Australian Wine Companion, the winery bagged a '5 Star Red Winery' status – a title is given to wine houses consistent in delivering wines with impeccable typicity and above all with high quality. The criteria included having a 5-star rating for two consecutive years and at least two from their products is rated 95 points or higher.


The frontrunners from the review are 2014 7th Son GSS (96 points) and 2013 Savitar Shiraz (95 points).


The tasting notes for 2014 7th Son GSS: No one will go breaking the heart of cherry- plum flavour, the ash of herbs, the whispers of smoky oak here; tannin simply won’t allow it. There are big ropes of stuff wrapped firm around the hull of the fruit... It’s quite monumental.”


2013 Savitar Shiraz tasting notes: “Inky colour and flavour. Coconut oak nestles into black berried fruit, the result intense in a cuddly way. That there is the main appeal, but it’s not a one-trick pony: smoky, almost woody tones play along in the background, aided by sweet roasted nut characters. Upper echelon without a question.


The review also mentioned three top-notch wines considered to offer special value for your money. These are 2014 Jester Shiraz with 93 points, followed by 2014 Nessus Malbec with 92 points, and finally 2015 Jester Sangiovese Rosé that scored 91 points.


It seems Mitolo will keep our wine glasses anticipating for more.


Want to experience the Mitolo taste yourself? Here’s our Mitolo selection for your drinking pleasure.