A careful craftsman will take years perfecting one detail; resulting to an impeccable product in all aspect. A great grower desires to craft a profound wine that captures the symphony between terroir, winemaker style, season, and grape variety.


There are several wine houses that have mastered the art of their process; a standard they have consistently followed each harvest season. Then there’s A.R. Lenoble [BUY NOW]. A self-reliant, family-owned winery that continues to flourish until this day. With its history and amazing story to know about, it is no wonder how the winery got its reputation now.


During the First World War, wine merchant Armand-Raphaël Graser left his native Alsace and moved to the region of Champagne. Becoming a wine grower was a natural transition that took place. Releasing his first ever vintage in 1920, he decided to use a German-sounding name for his brand in observance of the sensitive situation at that time. Believing Champagnes are the most noble in France he chose the word ­lenoble. To complete the brand, his initials were added – domaine A.R. Lenoble is born.


Today, despite several changes applied in the business, the brand has maintained its total independence from any shareholder, investors, and other entrepreneurs. And this has been the same for almost a century! Currently, the wine house is headed by the grandchildren of Armand-Raphaël Graser; the brother-sister-bto duo Antoine and Anne.


Aside from the guidance from their parents, Anne and Antoine has firmly instilled a familiar yet contemporary approach to the winery. Anne’s strong background on finance made her the perfect fit to handle the business side of A.R. Lenoble, while her brother, Antoine, is primarily involved with the technicalities of growing wines.


Way of the Vines


As Antoine puts it, “These wines are our interpretation”. And true enough, each wine contains genuine trademark unlike other wines. One thing is for certain, they have utilised techniques that resulted to better harvest and grapes creating wines that are “notre terroir mérit mieux”.


Being award with the “Haut Valeur Environnementale” certification just shows that A.R. Lenoble’s efforts in making less footprint through sustainable, green ways has been evident (actually more than 20 years of practice!). Here are some of the eco-friendly approaches the winery is strictly implementing: limited use of phytosanitary to help control mildew, no usage of any weed killer, vineyard enhancements, and absolute halt of pesticides. Regular ploughing is also done, making sure each plant gets all the nutrition it needs from the soil.


Slowly, but with progress, the wines improved as the years go by. This is a direct result of the decisions they made and the tactics Lenoble employed. They are constantly experimenting in order to further improve. As Anne stated, “it is important that each wine shows something different in the glass.” Adding to this, Antoine also further expressed that he changes the vinification depending on the year; “Every year is different. That’s why it’s fun!”


We suggest you try out other equally amazing Champagnes of A.R. Lenoble.


N.V. A. R. Lenoble Champagne Brut Intense (also available in Magnum and 6 Litre) [BUY NOW]

A lively, mouthwatering Champagne, this is a well-balanced crowd-pleaser, with notes of pastry dough, crushed black currant, kumquat and fresh ginger. Firm finish. Drink now through 2019. 15,000 cases made.


2008 A. R. Lenoble Champagne Blanc De Blancs Brut Grand Cru [BUY NOW]

Meyer lemon and smoke notes are layered with flavors of glazed nectarine, almond skin and biscuit in this racy Champagne. Chalky and sleek, with a subtle finish. Drink now through 2023. 2,000 cases made.


2009 A. R. Lenoble Champagne Gentilhomme Blanc De Blancs Grand Cru [BUY NOW]

Well-spiced and creamy, with a mouthwatering mix of baked pineapple, apple blossom, black cherry and mandarin orange peel. Fine and balanced, offering hints of candied ginger, graphite and coconut on the fresh finish. Drink now through 2028. 916 cases made.


Here are even more testaments as to how A.R. Lenoble wines have proven, over time, that their wines are of exceptional quality and that the winery is fitting to be called one of the jewels of Champagne:


"AR Lenoble Intense is one of the most ambitious brut non-vintages in all of Champagne." – La Revue du Vin de France (June 2018)


"The wines of Chouilly are marked by a broad build and creamy richness. Tempered by the Marne River to the North, the microclimate of Chouilly is also warmer, making it a departure from other villages in the Côte des Blancs. As a consequence, the chardonnay from this village can yield expansive and voluptious wines with forward ripeness and soft structure. Les Aventures is a superb expression of Chouilly, balancing creamy richness with soil-driven complexity." – Peter Liem


AR Lenoble Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs Vintage 2008 is one of our “Highly Recommended” champagnes of 2017 – Decanter


“True to its name, a noble approach in the vines and the cellar produces well-composed and tantalisingly affordable cuvées that exemplify Antoine Malassagne’s philosophy of ‘full body with elegance,’ showcasing the strength, structure, definition and opulence of Chouilly.” – Tyson Stelzer


"AR Lenoble is one of the growers of the moment" – The Financial Times’ How To Spend It (27th April 2018)


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