Same Day Delivey


The idea to have almost everything in an instant is the norm of today’s generation. Without a doubt, people want automatic services for anything. There is actually nothing wrong with it. Of course, time is precious so every second do truly matters. Though, there are those things that really need ample time – like that when you need to slow-cook a fine, tender turkey for that special dinner or perhaps wait for the oil painting to dry before seeing the final colours. Even great wines take time to mature in order to be appreciated. But if you want another instant story, we got the next best thing: Same Day Delivery!


Want some Cabernet Sauvignon today? Perhaps a refreshing white wine? If you are in a rush and can’t make any trips to the nearest wine depot, then we definitely got you covered. We have a selection of our most popular wines available for same day delivery via foodpanda (for Central delivery).


Free yourself with all the hassle! We'll deliver to you same day (within 30 to 40 minutes in Central).