Lucky Lunar New Year!

Today is the eve of one of the busiest celebrations of the year - Lunar New Year. With billions of people across the globe greeting each other 新年快乐, indeed this festivity is one of the most renowned events in the world. In fact, there are those who observe the holidays for more than two weeks.

Tomorrow, people will usher in a new zodiac sign - the year of the Ox. According to various narrations, the Jade Emperor once held a race for animals. The first 12 to reach the goal was eventually added to the Emperor’s calendar. Now the other interesting point here is how the order of the animals came to be. After announcing the race, a lot of the animals wanted to be a part of the zodiac sign. And so, each with their own might and wit, they raced to the finish line. 

With all the invited animals arriving at the finish line, the Chinese Zodiac came into order. 

While the celebrations this year may be downsized, that does not mean one won’t be able to welcome the year properly. One thing you can have in order to welcome the Year of the Ox right is by having a limited edition CNY wine for your Lunar New Year celebration - particularly one from Billecart-Salmon!

For 2021, Champagne Billecart-Salmon has created an exclusive Limited Edition design for its Brut Rosé, the iconic cuvée of the house. The House of Billecart-Salmon invited Ms Ke Lin ‘林可婕’, a talented Gongbi ‘工笔’ artist, to create a painting for Brut Rosé - a bottle of rosé champagne with subtle and luxurious aromas combined with finesse and intensity.

With deep appreciation for the Chinese art, culture, and heritage, the Champagne house has incorporated the elegant painting, RUI NIUWANG CHUN (瑞牛望春), which means 'a lucky ox looking forward to the springs'. The painting itself speaks volume of Billecart-Salmon's vision motto of, "Give priority to quality, strive for excellence".

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Love is in the air! 

February this year is special because aside from the Lunar New Year, one also gets to celebrate Valentine’s Day a few days later! It is one big festival on a weekend!

Almost everyone has a different way of celebrating Valentine’s day. Be it with your family or friends or alone – the possibilities are endless and changing. Here are some of the ways to uniquely celebrate 14th February this year.

Stream virtual concerts

Ushering a new era of normal, take your date into the next level by having a close encounter with your favourite band. All you have to do is connect to the internet, ready your 4D screens, have the popcorn ready and sit on the most comfortable side of the couch. You don’t even have to worry about seating far from the stage, you’ll be able to see it all via live stream!

Heart-shaped pizza, anyone?

Everyone loves a good old fashioned pizza. Imagine, layers of mouth-watering cheese on top of that perfectly baked crust. And your choice of toppings from the classic pepperoni to the other flavours such as mussels! You might even be lucky to have your local pizza house create a heart-shaped pizza! 

Prepare a bouquet of flowers in a bottle!

One of the tangible gifts this Valentine’s are flowers. It perks up and sends a signal of happiness whenever a person receives a bouquet of fresh flowers. However, do you know what is another way to send in flowers this Valentine’s day? A bottle of Rosé wine!

Mark your calendars this Sunday. We might have a special offer just for you!

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