It is one of the busiest celebrations of the year. People would scramble to get home to spend time with family and friends, the young would always find something new to welcome the event, and everyone is in a frenzy. With millions of people across the globe greeting each other Gong Hei Fat Choy, indeed, Chinese New Year or the Lunar Year is one of the most renowned events in the world. In fact, there are those who observe the holidays for more than two weeks.


Come February 16 of this year, several people will be celebrating Chinese New Year. During this joyous festivity, people are treated to various grand showcase such as seeing colourful decorations, people are all with warm smiles, lanterns adorned with intricate designs, and dragons dancing around to the rhythm. A true sight to behold for any spectator!


It is good to note that while Chinese New Year starts on February 16 this year, this is not a constant thing to remember. Because the final date of the new year would always change depending on the lunar calendar. For reference, Lunar Year can start and end anytime between the third week of January to the third week of February.


Like each previous Lunar New Year, we welcome this year to another zodiac sign: Year of the Dog. Similar to the opulence of this festivity, there is a deeper story as to how animals came to represent the lunar event. The Chinese calendar comes from ancient practice and history that has quite a fascinating story to it.  


According to various narrations, the Jade Emperor once held a race for animals.  The first 12 to reach the goal was eventually added to the Emperor’s calendar. Now the other interesting point here is how the order of the animals came to be. After announcing the race, a lot of the animals wanted to be a part of the zodiac sign. And so, each with their own might and wit, they raced to the finish line. Ever wonder why there is a Year of the Dog but none Year of the Cat? From one of the tales, it is said that the rat and cat are best of buddies. Before the day of the race, they both agreed to go together. Alas! On the day of the race, the rat forgotten to wake up the cat. As soon as the cat woke up, it was too late to be included among the first 12 animals.


Lunar New Year Traditions


Chinese New Year is full of auspicious activities for everyone. There is the activity of ringing of the bell to offer prayer and make wishes. Different households would clean their houses to rid of any lingering bad fortune. Lighting of loud firecrackers is also done to scat any bad spirits or fortune. And what is a festivity without gift giving?


Children would receive red envelopes stuffed with money as a sign of luck for the whole year. People would also exchange symbolic gifts as a way to give and attract luck. It is also good to give out anything that is in gold, yellow, or red as a sign of prosperity and wealth.


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