What is juicy, well-grilled, and oozing with flavours and spices? 




Barbecue or BBQ for short is any meat (including select seafood) that is slowly cooked over smoke and served with a tangy, sweet sauce. It is a staple among many social gatherings especially when the weather is nice, sunny - moreover dry! It is the perfect excuse to hold outdoor parties! It is, for most, a signal that there is a celebration or perhaps just a reminder that we all love a good feast with friends and family.


The origin of this delicious, mouth-watering dish [or dishes], may be credited to the Caribbean people. During the exploration period, the Spanish would often sail around the world, one place at a time. As some articles would say, when the Spanish conquistadors landed on the shores of Caribbean islands, they met the aboriginal inhabitants of that place. Soon after, they discovered an age-old process of how the natives would cook/preserve their meat. On some records, it was mentioned to be done under the sun. While other information indicated the use of wooden platforms or green woods to keep the food from burning. 


Given these details, there is still a lot of verification to be conducted. Including that of the term ‘barbecue’. In some documents, most people believed it was derived from the Spanish word ‘barbacoa’. But even with so many ambiguities over this delicious food, one thing is certain: a good barbecue needs smoke and spices!


Quintessentially Hong Kong

Over the years, several styles of barbecue emerged. Each country or region has its own way to prepare, cook, and enjoy BBQ. While food discussion is best enjoyed over long, animated talks in front of the delectable dishes, it’s good to know some unique traits of barbecue done HK style!


With the abundance of restaurants in Hong Kong, there is bound to be one of those specialising in cooking whole duck, chicken, or pork simmered in secret sauce. This style of BBQ typically uses one or more of these herbs and spices: Szechuan peppercorn, star anise, ginger, green onion, and several fermented sauces.


Grilling stations are also situated across public spaces for the people to use. And have you heard of barbecue forks? The use of barbecue forks is also common. This is not the typical fork one would use as a dining utensil, rather these forks have longer handles for a better grilling experience.


Barbecue in Hong Kong is not solely focused entirely on lean meat. A variety of dishes such as clams, crabs, prawns, and scallops are also popular.


Grill + Wines

Of course, when it comes to eating grilled dishes, nothing beats gulping it down with a perfect drink. Looking for the perfect pairing with barbecue food can be done by considering either the type of meat used or the main sauce. 


Should your barbecue be packed with different spices, you may want to consider getting a red wine - either fruity or juicy reds. 2017 Torbreck Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre Old Vines [BUY NOW] is a fantastic option!  You may also want to get a white wine like the 2019 Te Mania Riesling | BUY NOW


For meat-based barbecues like beef or pork, you may want to consider some bold red wine like N.V. Dow Porto Fine Ruby | BUY NOW. There are other options as well, such as: 


2010 By Farr Pinot Noir Tout Près | BUY NOW

Medium ruby-purple in color, the 2010 Tout Pres Pinot Noir gives notes of black cherries, pomegranate, cloves, anise and cinnamon stick with touches of Mediterranean herbs, violets and chocolate. 


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A spurt of juicy acidity pulls it all far and wide. This is the finest riff on this cuvee tasted in a long time.


If it’s seafood that is on the menu, rosé is something that might pique your taste buds. Perhaps Vinada Sparkling Rosé - Non Alcoholic [BUY NOW] can be a great alternative. 


2019 Château D'Esclans Côtes De Provence Rosé Whispering Angel | BUY NOW

A rosé with lemons, cantaloupe, orange peel and peaches. Just a hit of bitterness. Medium-bodied with hints of tannins.


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Mouthwatering, with hints of apple blossom, lemon zest and creamed almond on the finish. 


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