Like a symphony that is made with dedication, craftsmanship, and passion Antica Terra is a by-product of three things: place, people, and process. It is but proper to start off with the wonder of Antica Terra’s [BUY NOW] terroir.


Just upon arriving at the place you will feel something special. As they described it “above ground, the place is just as intense. . . . and panoramic views of the surrounding land convey a feeling of dramatic scale. The west wind moves constantly . . . . and allow the sun to ray through . . . that makes the site feel bright”. The word itself is a Latin word meaning ‘old earth’.


Antica Terra was started by two New Yorkers named in 1989. It was then transferred to new ownership by 2005 when John Mavredakis, Michael Kramer, and Scott Adelson acquired the property. It was then that the winery further flourished as what is known nowadays – home of some of the best loved wines.


It is no secret that the new owners wanted someone in who they can trust to create their wines. Someone who will truly love working with the terroirs and has the appreciation for the bounty of the place.


Enter Maggie Harrison.


The Silent, Skilful Force Behind the Brand


Described as the soft-spoken lady who really knows winemaking to the core, Maggie Harrison is a force to be reckoned with. That is when talking anything wine related. When the three friends started to make their dreams into reality, they had Maggie Harrison on their list of people to immediately hire. However, their earlier plans were met by a polite refusal from the winemaker.


During that time, Maggie Harrison was working with Manfred Krankl. Yes, Manfred Krankl of Sine Qua Non [BUY NOW]. Another wine house which produces equally beautiful wines. For the trio, Harrison is the best pick. After all, her brilliance with wines is well-known.


This situation was met with a clever solution from the partners. With a simple idea, they asked Maggie Harrison if she could visit their location and conduct a site visit in order for her to give a sound feedback about the property. With some doubts, Harrison traveled to Oregon. Upon stepping and spending a few minutes at the property, Maggie Harrison finally said yes to Antica Terra. And the decision proved more fruitful. After some years working with Antica Terra, she eventually ventured to create her own label.


As said in one of her interviews, “This place has something to say,” adding that “I don’t know that I’ll be the person to best capture this place in the long run, but I had to work with it given the chance. I wanted to be part of it”.


Since Maggie Harrison started working with Antica Terra, she had included more stunning wines into her portfolio. It is exciting to see what Maggie Harrison will release in the coming years. But for the meantime, here are some of Antica Terra’s wines:


2012 Antica Terra Angelicall [BUY NOW]

“Dark for a rosé, but smooth and elegant when served chilled, this expresses cherry and orange tea flavors, hinting at spice and fresh loamy earth as the finish lingers with delicacy. Drink now through 2018. 366 cases made.”- Neal Martin,


2011 Antica Terra Pinot Noir Rosé Erratica [BUY NOW]

The Antica Terra 2011 Rose Erratica has easily digested the considerable contingent of new wood in which it ferments on the skins for a week before being racked to older barrels. What there is of oak-engendered character here is a spiciness that marries very nicely with this wine’s bittersweet and energetic personality. Juicy sour cherry and blood orange are infused with verbena, rose petal, tangerine rind and toasted shrimp shells for a delightful accentuation of the tart and piquantly citrus oil characteristics as well as the mouthwatering saline savor that I associate with many (red) 2011 Pinots. Who knows how this dramatically distinctive wine will evolve in bottle, but I’m sure it will be fun to employ and follow over at least the next 2-3 years. . . .” - David Schildknecht,


2012 Antica Terra Pinot Noir Botanica [BUY NOW]

The 2012 Pinot Noir Botanica is Maggie Harrison's more fruit-driven take on Pinot Noir, instigated after she noticed a difference with a small number of barrels in her debut 2007 vintage. It has more sappy, "sanguine" red fruit compared to the Botanica, to use her own vernacular. It has a very pure bouquet that offers gorgeous wilted violet and seaweed scents that combine beautifully with the black fruit. The palate is medium-bodied with notes of candied orange peel, dark plum, molasses and a hint of fennel. It is extremely well balanced with very fine acidity and real tension toward the finish. This is another outstanding wine from Antica Terra. . . .” - Neal Martin,


2012 Antica Terra Pinot Noir Ceras [BUY NOW]

“The 2012 Pinot Noir Ceras is Maggie Harrison's mineral take of Pinot Noir (she actually uses the word "aerial" in her technical sheet). It does indeed offer an ethereal bouquet that is just so succinct: a carapace of dark cherry and blackcurrant fruit interspersed with cold granite, walnut and smoke scents that are beautifully defined. The palate is medium-bodied with filigree tannins, a lot of salinity and superb tension all the way through to the finish. What a wonderful Pinot Noir - the kind of wine I can guarantee you will finish to the final drop. . . . - Neal Martin,


2013 Antica Terra Pinot Noir Botanica [BUY NOW]

Sleek and expressive, light-footed but dark-fruited, with currant and blackberry flavors standing up to the fine tannins, black tea hints and savory notes as the finish lingers. Shows more density than most from 2013. Drink now through 2020. 519 cases made.” - HS


2014 Antica Terra Pinot Noir Ceras [BUY NOW]

A phenomenal wine with such clarity and energy. Vivid. Full-bodied, firm and silky. A sleeping beauty. Density with polish. The salinity to this is so cool and gives it complexity. Glorious. Drink or hold. – James Suckling


2013 Antica Terra Angelicall [BUY NOW]

The 2013 Angelicall ranged from four to nine days on the skins, the juice siphoned into barrel of which there is just one this year. It remained 12 months in oak. It has a crisp, peony, cranberry leaf and bell pepper-scented nose that is almost Chinon-like in style. There is an undercurrent of stoniness running underneath. The palate is very well balanced with a smooth texture, hints of marzipan infusing the light red cherry and strawberry fruit, a little spice on the back palate with a saline twist on the tensile finish that shows impressive persistence. Just an outstanding Rosé if you do insist upon calling it that. - Neal Martin,


2014 Antica Terra Angelicall [BUY NOW]

I love the strawberry and persimmon character to this with spices and dried flowers. Full-bodied yet so fresh and vivid. Dried tea and cream. The tension and brightness are so wonderful. Turn up the volume! Drink now. – James Suckling


2013 Antica Terra Pinot Noir Ceras [BUY NOW]

Sleek, transparent and immensely appealing, with an open texture, delicate structure and harmony, persisting on the finish, displaying dark berry, orange peel, black tea and loamy earth complexity. The finish sails on. Drink now through 2023. 949 cases made.” – Wine Spectator


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