23 gin


“For last year's words belong to last year's language

And next year's words await another voice.

And to make an end is to make a beginning."

-T.S. Elliot


A brand new year brings about a new perspective. It brings in hope that somehow this year will be better than before. Even if one cannot foretell what exactly will transpire in the future.


Starting fresh would mean beginning with a clean slate. Despite a previous challenging year, now is the chance to re-evaluate priorities, make amends, or simply move forward with yesteryear’s learning. 


One thing is certain, people love to write resolutions or goals to achieve once the new year comes in. It’s sort of a fun way to welcome the next coming months. But let’s face it, resolutions are hard to keep. Most, if not all, have said that tomorrow’s another day to start the change. And tomorrow never ends. 


One of the many resolutions people desire is to live a more healthy lifestyle. For some, it can be as simple as adding exercise to their routine. Let say, you planned to try out Dry January. However, for the past weeks, you have failed miserably. Certainly, there are things beyond one’s control. The constant virtual festivities followed by intimate gatherings with friends have led to drinking one glass to another. Hey, we all had a rough year. 


Still, the desire to push through with Dry January hasn’t escaped your mind. A commendable act in times where one finds solace in reminiscing the ‘old normal’ - freely socialising and drinking out with family and friends.


Dry January Alternatives


With such aspirations, Bidvino is proud to share some healthy ways to drink this year! 


Another great alternative for the Dry January event is to drink a premium distilled non-alcoholic gin and pair it with a high-quality tonic. We suggest you try out Ceder’s gin and pair it with Fever-Tree. It’s a must for those looking to continue Dry January (with a twist) but doesn’t know where to start.


Ceder’s is known for its exquisitely crafted distilled non-alcoholic gins. With select ingredients harvested from the valley of South Africa, each bottle is then mixed with unsoiled Swedish water. Though it has no alcohol, the brand promises superb gin & tonic taste for its discerning drinkers. 


For the recently released Drinks International Awards 2021, this tonic water brand has emerged as the #1 best selling and #1 top trending tonic water - Fever-Tree! With their simple goal of creating the best tonic, the company claimed the top spot again - for the 7th time to be exact - as it was shared in the report by Drinks International. 


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Now, if you want a more convenient way of pushing through with Dry January (still with a twist), then look no further. Award-winning gin maker SevenZeroEight has introduced another revolutionary way to enjoy their product: in cans! Handcrafted using the finest locally sourced and sustainable ingredients, 23 Mid-Strength Gin & Slim Tonic is low-alcohol and low-calorie. What’s more is that each can is gluten-free, vegan, and all-natural! Talk about an amazing twist for Dry January!


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It’s never too late to start with a clean slate. After all, each day is considered a new chance at life.