Mulled Wine Day


Summer has yet to come and various of alcohol mixes will be thrown, spilled, tossed and drank to satisfy the thirst of many. People in general would love to enjoy and taste every new mixtures of alcohol available but here’s this one classic that never fades - Mulled wine.


Let’s all be educated on how does this classic drink that was usually a winter highlight. Based on records, Mulled wine was then discovered on the 2nd century by the Romans travelling to conquer places, due to the cold weather and was also used to showcase the warm welcome of each nation to the other as it contains such spices and herbs which helps to transform foods into a muti-sensory experience as quoted from the blog “


Over the years, different ways on how to mull wines have emerged. Creating and developing the taste have been a culture to maximise the flavours present in every drink. Each country has their own unique style on how they can create a more heating and fiery Mulled wine for us to taste.


Have you tried your own Mulled Wine Recipe?


Here are some of our suggested red wine mixers for your personally crafted “Home Mulled Wine Recipe”


2015 Wente Vineyards Zinfandel Beyer Ranch

Wente Vineyards is a winery in Livermore, California and holds the distinction of being "the oldest continuously operating, family-owned winery in the United States." The Wente Estate is registered as California Historical Landmark #957.

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2017 Warburn Estate Premium Cabernet Merlot

 Warburn Estate is a leader in the Riverina wine region and Australian wine industry. Proudly in Australia’s top ten wine producers – Warburn Estate is owned by the Sergi family, whose winemaking heritage was brought to the area from Italy in 1952. Today, it stands tall as a fourth generation, pioneering wine family.

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2017 Les Jamelles Merlot Pays D’Oc

"Les Jamelles" is a unique collection of handcrafted varietal wines that have been produced in the Pays d'Oc, in the South of France, since 1991. The wines, which are soberly and authenticated presented, have won praise from the press throughout the world for their excellent quality, placing them in a class of their own.

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2016 Miguel Torres Catalunya Sangre De Toro

Miguel Torres Chile is a Chilean winery that was founded in Curicó, in 1979, by the Spanish family company Miguel Torres. Miguel Torres Chile have 160 acres (65 ha) hectares of their own vineyards in the region of Curicó, plus another 530 acres (215 ha) that are leased out.

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