Quinta do Bomfim


An international wine association whose purpose is to bring more awareness and further recognise internationally renowned wine regions has recently named Quinta do Bomfim as the rightful owner of the 2017 Global Winner Wine Tourism Services award. Quinta do Bomfim is home to some of Dow’s iconic vintages.


The "Great Wine Capitals" association is a network of nine major wine cities from the northern and southern hemispheres.  And since its foundation, the association has been a great source of information on the wine tours, business deals, and viticulture trends from the different illustrious regions included in the network.


Founded in the late 90’s, the ‘Great Wine Capitals’ has some of the best Old World and New World wine regions namely: Verona, Adelaide in South Australia, Napa Valley located in San Francisco, Bordeaux, Cape Town in Cape Winelands, Mendoza, Casablanca Valley located in Valparaìso, Bilbao in Rioja, Mainz located in Rheinhessen region, and Porto.


Quinta do Bomfim


The association's goal is to promote excellent tourism and to entice guests take an amazing journey to the wine regions. With this in mind, Great Wine Capitals saw the beauty of the vineyards, the unique characteristic of the place, and the top-notch services of the Quinta do Bomfim's management.


During the 19th century, Dow's winery brought the property and from 1912 it has been under the Symington family. By May of 2015, the magnificent 76-hectare estate was opened to the public.


Located in Alto Douro region of Northern Portugal, the winery welcomes guests to private and self-guided tours around the place. Upon entering the place, guests will be taken to a museum dedicated to showcasing the provenance of the family and their rich winemaking history. Guests will have to choose which between three charming trails with the surrounding mountains, blue skies, and dry-stone terraces as the magnificent backdrop.


‘We are delighted that Bomfim has won this important award. For years we have been waiting for visitors to finally discover the incredible beauty of the Douro and now it is happening, bringing new opportunities for our wines and for the people of our region’.

 -Symington family


Visiting the estate soon? Why not see and try our available wines from this winery.   


*Official photo from Quinta do Bomfim