Domaine Paul Blanck

As early as the 16th century, the Domaine Paul Blanck has been in the industry of winemaking starting with a variety of beautiful wines from enviable parcels. Since establishing their foundations in the Haut-Rhin district of Alsace, they have now expanded the business to the village of Kientzheim in the following years.


For over two centuries, the family’s resilient character has made them endure all changes in the wine industry. These changes, that would often be seen as challenges, included matters about politics. However, a strong family spirit has kept the Blanck family united and standing tall until this very day. As proof, the two generations of Blanck – the brothers Marcel and Bernard together with sons Frédéric and Philippe - work together to continually improve wines and further expand the domaine to new directions.


As with how the family creates their products, they make sure everything should be aligned with their long-standing principles. Likewise, by drinking their wines it should be able to convey their passion in giving the best drinking experience. In fact, thinking about their belief, it is reminiscent to the saying, “Respect begets respect”. In that sense, the winery strives to further keep practising these three actions: Respect the traditions, give a high regard to the terroir, and treat people and customers with consideration.


The Passion of Domaine Paul Blanck


As one of the wineries that stood the test of time, their objective is to bring pure drinking pleasure for oenophiles.


"We are forever searching with passion and respect to enable nature to express itself in our wines. We wish to share with everyone the force and diversity of the Alsace; the richness of the grape varieties and the "joie de vivre" of its people" (Official Press Book).


Seeking the clearest possible way of expressing the bounty of the terroir, the family do not use chemicals in their approach to their vineyards. And despite the winery’s growth over the past years, their ethos still remained true to their identity, at the same time embraced innovations and environment-friendly farming process. This, in turn, produced wines that are versatile, balanced, and terroir-expressive.


Part of innovation and development that the company introduced within its scope of production is using screw top instead of the usual corks. Since 2001, 60% of their bottles are already in this format allowing their list of wines a more reliable bottling system to ensure that quality of wines is preserved.


Their love for wines is a manifestation of their ambition to only give the best of what they get from nature. In addition to this motivation, the family strives to be “vigneron independent”. It is, in a way, a hospitable act where they do not buy grapes and is welcoming guests to visit their winery. From this visit, guests will learn about the provenance and passion that comes from each bottle of Domaine Paul Blanck.


“…and they are some of Alsace’s best food wines.” – Vinous Media, April 2015


Have a taste of one of Alsacce’s best wines - Domaine Paul Blanck.