Coravin Model One

There is a euphoric feeling a true oenophile may get just from hearing a bottle being uncorked. This will eventually ignite other senses such as the sense of sight or one’s keen sense of smell. It is always a delight to take a sniff of a delicious wine. 


Then, you take a sip. And everything else seems not to matter anymore. But what happens when you decide you want to save the bottle for another day of drinking? You can always keep in store your favourite wine and drink it like it is still fresh. Or not.


Wine, as many would attest, will taste better with age. However, there are some things that can make your wine ‘fast-age’ with an awful and distasteful result. And one of the ways you can do to make wine impossible to drink is to let it ‘sit’ after opening the bottle. Not that there is an adverse effect on your health when you drink it, but simply because the quality of the wine will change.


Here’s a brief as to why and how the wine will be affected if you let it sit without using a proper gadget: One of the main reasons is that wines oxidise. Yes, it’s true. The more oxygen there is inside the bottle the fruit in the wine will be affected. Fermenting wines convert sugar found in the grapes to alcohol. From the fermentation period until wine is bottled, the content of alcohol does not change. However, once outside air comes in contact with the wine, the evaporation of alcohol plus water begins.


There are two ways wine can end up badly when exposed to air. First, when acetic acid bacteria metabolise wine causing it to a have a scent similar to a vinegar. Second, after oxidation, the fruity or fresh taste of the wine transforms into a nutty, bruised fruit notes.


So, how do we solve this dilemma? Normally, there is the option of a stopper or for those who want the grander way, there is also an oxygen removal system.


Freedom to Choose


If this is still the 90s, there would be limited choices for us to take. Either drink the bottle within the allotted days per wine variety or use any of the methods described above. Luckily today’s technology offers a more efficient way to preserve wine without having to remove the cork.


Greg Lambrecht, a man who will forever be written as a pioneer in revolutionary wine tasting experience, introduced his ultimate invention – Coravin™. It is a wine system that allows simultaneous tasting from several bottles of different varieties at any given time. With a sleek design, it allows the paper-like needle to smoothly pierce through the cork. Using the pressure coming from pure argon gas that is released into the bottle, wine is pushed up through the needle and is poured straight from the system. 



Since its debut, Coravin™ has been the choice of various wine bars and restaurants all over the world. It offers the establishment an easy way to let a number of guests taste old and rare wines by the glass. This is a perfect tool for them to maximise their iconic collections and have their guests come back to taste other wines.


Now, it is also the choice of millennials


Model One


Millennial drinkers are constantly on the lookout for new wines to try. They will drink something their parents never tasted and might never want to taste. The adventurous type would even be the guinea pig and dare to drink wine that is shrouded in mystery. What is its aroma? What is its flavour? Definitely, nobody still knows. But the intrigue to taste the wine makes them take the plunge. 


As one of the companies who are on top with their R&D, Coravin™ launched a line specifically aimed at millennials. Introducing the Model One wine system of Coravin™. This lightweight version of the wine system, a friendlier at the same time functional gadget for the younger generation of wine drinkers.


Tapping on the data that millennials are more open to drinking different wines each week, the company developed Model One. The perfect gadget that would satisfy the curious appetite of this digital natives’ generation. The company believes with this model, similar to their other existing systems, will give them the ability to taste, choose, and taste again more wines without hesitation. As Maarten Dekker, General Manager of Coravin Europe, says “Coravin can give them the freedom to drink what they want, when they want, without compromise and without waste”.


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