Celebrating Moscato Day


Throughout the years a specific variety of wine has piqued the taste of wine lovers across the globe, Moscato. Because of its fascinating flavours, this wine became so popular that it ranked 3rd on the most drank wine in the US alone due to its sweet taste, light-bodied texture and low alcohol content that everybody loved.


Moscato is a type of wine made from the Muscat grape which was originated and grown in Italy (as some other historians say). A typical white wine best drink with desserts, adding fruity flavours and some sparkles on your mouth. It has different variations depending on the wine-maker on how they would want to depict the style of their own Moscato.


Although Muscat grape originated in Italy, It's then now being grown in other regions as well across the globe because of its versatility to grow in most climates. Nowadays, wine lovers are very innovative in pairing wines with their food. They're now trying to discover different flavours with each different meals allowing them to taste the wine uniquely.


This coming 9th of May will be the day to celebrate the discovery of this rich flavoured wine. Perfect for the warm temperature to pour it cool on a glass of wine while sitting on your patio or just in your backyard watching the sunset. A toast for the National Moscato Day!


We have collated some of our top-rated Moscato from around the globe for your family and friends to enjoy!


2018 Prunotto Moscato D’Asti


The first harvest took place in 1905. This was followed by several difficult years which suffered from the instability in the economy, aggravated by the first world war. During this crisis, the young Alfredo Prunotto met and then married Luigina, with whom he decided to take over the co-operative winery "Ai Vini Delle Langhe", bestowing on it his name. Thanks to the passionate persistence of the newlyweds, the winery became famous very quickly and began to export wines throughout the world.




2019 Tormaresca Moscato Di Trani Kaloro - Half Bottle


Named for the region’s ancient seaside towers overlooking the Adriatic Sea, Tormaresca adds a fresh dimension to Italy’s world-class wine landscape. Indeed, it is the only producer with vineyards in both of Puglia’s elite winegrowing regions. 




2019 Rumours Moscato


Warburn Estate is a leader in the Riverina wine region and the Australian wine industry.

Proudly in Australia’s top ten wine producers – Warburn Estate is owned by the Sergi family, whose winemaking heritage was brought to the area from Italy in 1952.




2018 Rumours Pink Moscato


From the first grape plantings in Tharbogang to today, producing one of Australia’s fasting growing brands under $7 – Gossips, Warburn Estate’s achievements have been remarkable. The foundations that established Warburn Estate in the 1950s remain the same today – hard work and strong family values.