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“…wine was not imported among us from foreign countries to supply the want of water or other drinks, but because it was a sort of liquid which made us merry….” – Gulliver’s Travel


Wine will always be part of merrymaking. But why is this the case? How come wine is always a part of festivities?


One can go back and trace some of the ancient records and see how wine became an essential part of celebrations. Citing some historical information, there are several angles one can look into that will provide answers and basis of why modern man incorporates drinking as part of merrymaking. 


There are accounts stating that during the ancient times -- long before people learned how to use money in trading, learning, or even in conquering an empire - wine was already available. People who drink back then were not keen in observing the formalities wine drinkers now observe. They were not particular about the fine details of wines, such as its terroir or vintage. Rather than dwelling on the technicalities of producing the drink, the focus was how it was used and for what purpose.


Ancient social purposes and functions, at that time, are reasons as to why wine was prevalent. Although the activities differ from one place to another, drinking wine became a norm to help people avoid unsafe drinking water. For them, wine drinkers are of high stature. Often perceived as intellectuals, passionate, and creative.


As the ancient cities progressed, so is the widespread knowledge of wine making. Part of the development is the use of wine in trading commodities; also as part of the rituals and even becoming central to different religious rites. The ancient populace thought of wine as somewhat a heavenly reward of some sort and considered it as a blessed gift from the gods to mortals.

Wines for Events


Fast forward to present day wine continues to be part of celebrations or events.


People would include wines whenever they plan parties or find the need to celebrate any occasion. Just got promoted? It is always better to open that bottle of Champagne and toast to that success. Opened a new restaurant? Celebrate it with cheers and your favourite wines.


Wine makes each celebration more worthwhile.


It is true that there is a lot of joy and excitement knowing that there will be an event taking place. However, we also know the downside of preparing for one especially if it’s for a large group of guests. And the task of picking which wine to get can be daunting. Imagine, with over 10,000 varieties of wine grapes the choices seem endless.


By the Bundle: Event Packs


Choosing wines should be taken seriously. Why not? One’s choice of wine can either make or break that special event. And here at Bidvino, we are excited to share our newest exclusive offer: event wines!


Bidvino’s finest wines bundled or packed together each with a perfect event in mind. Be in an intimate affair, an out-of-town trip, or a grand event everyone’s looking forward to – we’ve got you covered.


We like to make things easier for you and more enjoyable for your guests. Our team of in-house sommelier and experts are more than happy to share our event packs.  

Each of these event wines has been carefully curated to suit one’s party needs. Looking for the next to-go wines for your barbeque party? Our BBQ Starter Kit would the perfect pack for you. Out for a garden-themed lunch? Our It’s HOT – Domaines Ott is the event pack you are looking for. Our other event packs are The Rumours Are True, The Italian Job, and Shaw & Smith – The Essentials.


Have a stress-free and memorable celebration with Bidvino’s event packs