They say the sign of growth is to explore beyond one’s comfort zone. It is to accept a challenge and to strive in overcoming the obstacles towards the goal. The time when one company acts on the immense opportunity waiting to be unlocked is the moment when they begin to branch out to diversely – opening themselves and their customers to more valuable options. Among those brands that decided to take a risk going outside the box is the infamous winemaker, Alvaro Palacios, as they offer Oli D’Oliva Verge Extra Olive Oil. 


Olive Oil Wonder


Olive oil is one of the most widely-used oils in making some of the mouth-watering cuisines. For thousands of years, it has been known to be part of lives of many people because of the proven health benefits. There are also others who use it for cosmetic purposes; such as a moisturising agent for the skin or simply cleaning the face.


You might wonder how the famed winery managed to venture out to another product category. The truth is, similar to the complex process of how wines are made, olive oil follows almost the same principles with its harvesting and production.



The resemblance of the factors affecting olive oils and wines are so close that the distinguishing part might be the end-product itself. Terrain and climate play a big role on the olives. And based on its origin, the colour, scent, and flavour of the oils can drastically change. Olive oils are evaluated on three things – how fruity is it, the bitterness, and the pepperiness of the oil. Even how they are harvested and pressed can determine how the oils will fare. The uncanny likeness of how wines and olive oils are made is undeniable.


The Alvaro Palacios Mark



Imagine, finding the finest oil you can get from wild trees that have been long standing for 500 years. What would you do? You share them with the rest of the world. And that is what Alvaro Palacios just did. Oli D’Oliva Verge Extra Olive Oil is sourced from ancient Morrut and Rojal olive trees located at Finca Dofi and L’Ermita vineyards. The result is a golden liquid that is both soft and full, evoking a harmony of warm vegetables, fennel and eucalypt, lemon pepper, and ripe fresh apples. 



Coming from the most fertile locations around the region, Alvaro Palacios got eleven parcels of olives and selected the ones that will produce the exquisite bottle of the invigorating oil.


Only 950 bottles were made, and we had 10% of the allocation, with some still available at Alvaro Palacios’ Oli D’Oliva Verge Extra Olive Oil in our Buy Now section.