The Arrival of A.R. Lenoble is proud to announce the latest addition to our portfolio - Champagne A.R. Lenoble.


With a rich history of over a century, A.R. Lenoble is one of the very rare producers that is consistently family-owned. The current owners, Anne and Antoine Malassagne, are great-grandchildren of founder Armand-Raphael Graser. And as fourth generation family members, they were able to preserve the independence of the winery assuring the stability of their long-term, comprehensive strategy.


After more than 20 years of environmentally-friendly procedures put in place on the estate, A.R. Lenoble is recognised for:

  • Zero use of chemical fertilisers
  • Practically zero use of weed killer
  • Drastic limits on the use of phytosanitary inputs to control mildew and powdery mildew in the vineyard
  • Particular attention to biodiversity and enhancement of the vineyard with hedgerows, orchards, embankments, trees and low walls

 They are one of the smallest houses in the entire region, producing only around 320,000 bottles per year. In addition, every bottle at A.R. Lenoble uses ‘black bottle’, meaning every single bottle has been crafted ‘in house’.


The family defines its wines as Precise, Vinous and Full of Character, wines recognised for their round and creamy extra, with bubbles perfectly integrated.


Let us celebrate as we welcome a jewel of the Champagne region – Champagne A.R. Lenoble. View our AR Lenoble products here.