Torbreck Mataro

As they say, unlike with traditional partnership or romantic relationship, with wine you are free to choose any bottle at any given time, or have multitude of bottles without fear of judging – or in any case a bitter separation.


This is actually a fantastic news for everyone – yes including those who have yet to discover the beauty of drinking a true fine wine. For example, if you enjoy drinking Cabernet for almost all your life, then there are other red wines you can find enjoyable.


One of them is Mataro [BUY NOW], which is also called Mourvèdre (when referring to wines coming from France) or Monastrell (when referring to wines coming from Spain). In some rare cases, this wine is also called as Esparte. For the past years, this seemingly hidden wine gem is slowly making its way to the cellar doors of wine lovers across the globe. What is surprising is that it is actually used frequently as a blending variety with other more well-known wines like the Châteauneuf du Pape [BUY NOW]. In Australia, in particular, this variety has been used to blend in their famous ‘GSM blend’.


From Northern Hemisphere to Southern Hemisphere


Mataro, a variety which is fermented into different styles, is believed to have originated in Spain. As to how it arrived in Spain, historians believe - though still uncertain, the possibility that travelling Phoenicians is the reason for it.


The variety which name is derived from a town in Catalonia, was first brought to Australia in 1832 by James Busby. Initially the vines were planted in New South Wales but was later on also planted in other locations, such as Perth, Western Australia in 1863.


Known to have reddish to dark purple colour, this variety can be anywhere between a medium to full-bodied wine. Its aroma differs from having herbaceous scent, notes of spice, dark fruits, leather, or floral scent. While on the palate, drinkers would be treated to a more savoury taste with hints of dark fruits.

Despite such potential and character, the variety is often thought of as a workhorse wine.

It is not surprising given that this variety has been used as a blend by different wineries into their famous wines.


Torbreck’s Mataro


Although this is the case, it should not deter drinkers into discovering the exceptional quality and pedigree of Mataro. In fact, it has such character to contain an explosion of flavours to it. Described to have almost a well-rounded selection of tastes, one can find in this variety fruity flavours like berries and plum, savoury flavours, and musk and flesh. As it further matures, truly satisfying taste of truffles, leather, or barnyard would be present.


With a need for a careful handling – from planting to bottling -  only the best vineyards can do a decent job in bringing out the full quality of Mataro. Among those successful vineyards is Torbreck [BUY NOW]. The wine house is known to bring out the truest expression of Australian wines with its way of creating rich wines that gracefully matures.


2015 Torbreck Mataro Kyloe [BUY NOW]

Dense wild berry fruit, lavender, black olive, and savoury, earthy plum characters are all further lifted with a complex array of exotic spice, clove and wild game characters. At the heart of this wine is a soft plump blueberry fruit core with a freshness and vivacity giving the wine a real focus and purity.


With Torbreck, Mataro’s future in the wine industry is certainly beginning to shine even brighter.

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