2009 Cristal Champagne


One can only expect great things from a man who was considered a visionary. When Louis Roederer inherited the family’s Champagne House during the 18th century, many were taken aback with his methods. A set of techniques that would later put his name on the pedestal of the wine industry in the many years to come. The quest for authenticity has propelled Louis Roederer in mastering the process of winemaking - creating a peculiar character, taste, and style of wine.


The core guidelines he follows includes the harmony between the wine grower and the vineyard, the type of soil used, and a keen sense to follow the tradition. All of these boils down to the main factor – a quest for taste.


This high standard of taste was able to win over the discerning palate of a Tsar. It was then when he created an exceptional champagne. This new champagne is named after the flawless material used for the packaging, an iconic brand name that will continue to be associated with Louis Roederer’s legacy – Cristal.


The Zenith of Cristal


The 2009 Cristal is the newest addition to the family. A Champagne that experienced a year of sunny summer and real winter, which meant an excellent health and noteworthy ripeness of the grapes – a perfect traditional growth. All of this resulted to the zenith of all Cristals which invites us to a pleasurable experience; and offers harmony, effortless balance, evanescence, and elegance.


A blend of Grand Crus from Montagne de Reims, Côte des Blancs, and Vallée de la Marne, it is then aged for 6 years and left for another 8 months after disgorging to attain perfect maturity.


With its yellow-gold colour and mat and amber tints, 2009 Cristal evokes the sweetness of a honeysuckle with brilliantly persistent, lively and fine bubbles. With a concentrated subtle bouquet, notes of candied apricots and citrus compote are then released. Once it’s aerated, notes of vanilla-edged cocoa beans then appear, with touches of liquorice and cinnamon, including toasted hazelnut.


Indeed, a Champagne bursting with flavours!


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